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August 2007


The festival, happening in Urkmez coast as the first of Turkey Theatre Meetings, also carried the property of being a precursor in the perspective of format. It also suggested a format to the festivals that had happened until today. A format that everybody watched each other, had opinions about each other and debated for long nights.

24 artists had provided attendance to the 1. Turkey Theatre Meeting, which 17 theatre groups had attended, with their workshop and discourse. 80 people had stayed in tents and approximately 150 people had attended the events in the first meeting.

The meeting that no municipalities or sponsors had supported was going to be hard for Yenikapi Theatre, and, push them into a seeking for a new method for future meetings.

The idea of united acting of the theatres first came out in this meeting. The thing discussed during the meeting was the model of organising that spread from the local to the general and organising horizontally. In discussions made for naming, building a union over the provinces and then getting united was discussed. The name Ege Tiyatrolar Birligi (Aegean Theatres Union) was being pronounced for the first time and the process that achieves Turkey Theatres Union was starting afterwards. 8 discourses had taken place in the first meeting that can also be called as Theatres Union discussions.

People from all over the land that we live on was convinced with the idea of getting united on the last day of the meeting and had returned back to their cities to start working in this manner. Meetings that are to be written in the history of theatre of Turkey and to stimulate new changes had started appearing in the shores of Izmir in 2007.

7 plays that had been staged on the street had met the audience in the 1. Turkey Theatre Meeting.

Many young theatre producers besides Mehmet Esatoglu, Ozgur Baskaya, Hamit Demir had attended in the 1. Turkey Theatre Meeting.

Nights of the meeting had been finalised in the shore with dances songs that had been sang together.

Not only theatre but also everything about life took place in the meeting. Together we have said that a revolution without dancing, without living our childhood is not our revolution.