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2008 | 13. Türkiye Tiyatro Buluşması


August 2008


A preparation process more debated compared with the last year had been faced in the 2. Turkey Theatre Meeting. Especially the idea of getting support from local administrations economically and organising meetings for this purpose was operated. Mehmet Esatoglu has written this about what happened in the meeting that Guzelbahce Municipality had supported minimally; “People who had a certain target in course of art and politics would attend these meetings in the 70s. A new crew appeared after 12th of September when Ministry of Culture began handing out money. They were willing to “get share”. They would attend the meetings with a whim, complain about the conditions when its their turn, and then wait for “bone” from the authorities. We managed to get rid of these art “ticks” as the addresses and formalities of handing out money became clear starting from the mid 90s. They found their door to take money and we found a chance to talk about the art of theatre without crying in our meetings or whining about money, fiddle-faddle, technical conditions.

Conditions were difficult in Guzelbahce. Because tent life under the sun where no trees exists is hard. It is doubled if there is a water issue. If the mobile toilets are not useful, that makes a third difficulty. Two winds were blowing as the festival started within a day. Some were seeking for solutions while some other complained about the problems. While Orcun from Yenikapi Theatre was trying to convince the owner of the restaurant near the camp about using the toilets, young thespians were seeking for places to take shower. Labourers of Guzelbahce Municipality were also giving effort to send a water tank to the camping field in different times of the day. Meanwhile, a person of Guzelbahce, with a Che Guevara shirt, that sells tea near the park opposite of the camping field, was trying to get a hose for the thespians to take shower.

2. Turkey Theatre Meeting has started exactly in this “terms and conditions”. Orcun Masatci has told about the period starting from the last year. In the speech made in the name the Mayor, it is stated that lacks were present since it is the first time to try doing such a thing, and asked the groups for tolerance because of this.”

Mehmet Esatoglu finalised his paper of the 2. Turkey Theatre Meeting in which 18 theatre groups have attended and more than 100 people had stayed in the tents, published a notice asking the theatres for getting united with completing the meeting besides many negative conditions, with these words:

“People who came by hearing from somewhere even though they were not invited created another colour of the meeting. Akdeniz Sanat Tiyatrosu and Antalya health workers that had read the news of the meeting on the internet had touched up the environment by having close relations with the participants and having active roles in debates.

The theatre meeting for four days happens in the dates told above. We keep our eyes skinned, pricked up our ears. We left recording the things we saw and understood in our minds, conscious. Lastly we are saying that; Folks! The history is taking a picture of us. Beware! Let’s not pose with our eyes closed.”

Another first was happening in the 2. Turkey Theatre Meeting, the tents were being lined as streets. Giving a name to each street was agreed on. Play field was named Deniz Bakir Stage in the first meeting. Names of thespians and authors that passed away were given to the streets in this meeting.

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