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2009 | 13. Türkiye Tiyatro Buluşması

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July 2009


3. Turkey Theatre Meeting took place in Urla with the support of Urla Municipality and Urla Kizilay Association. It took its place in the history as a festival important from many aspects.

Works of getting united had been accelerated after the debates on the first meeting and in the meetings afterwards, Turkiye Tiyatrolar Birligi (Turkey Theatres Union) was founded. The first voice of the Union was undertaken by Yenikapi Theatre, and kept undertaking this duty for a long time in the following years.

In the 3. Turkey Theatre Meeting where people that fight for evolving the union discussions into a roof organisation came together, delegates of ATÇ (Amatör Tiyatrolar Çevresi) and İATP-G (Istanbul Alternatıf Tiyatrolar Platformu-Girişimi) that did not come together in years took place too. Then, the idea of organising congresses for roof organisation came out. Turkey Theatre Congresses had been held in Istanbul in 12th of September and in Ankara in October, and, Turkiye Tiyatrolari Guc Birligi Platformu (Turkey Theatres Power Union Platform) was founded. Working life of this platform was not going to be long but periods that sweat the union was to come out.

Turkey Theatre Meeting was having a broad repercussion in other festivals in Turkey with the style it offers and this style was beginning to be adopted gradually. Youth living in Urla were to keep this style alive after following years of the festival.

Another first in the 3. Meeting had happened in the panel of “Reality Of Tribune Against Industrial Football” that had happened without the scopes of theatre and even arts. Hakan Kirezci, one of the editors of the magazine Halkin Takimi had talked about why they had been saying “May your ball burst, moneybags!” besides talking about the relation between football and art.

Turkey Theatre Meeting had succeeded bringing various communities together for the third time and left a mark in the history of Turkey theatres by adopting new resolutions.

“We greet the art labourers and creators who had been fighting for their democratic rights and freedoms by going out in Italy.”

“We demand for the jurisdiction to be excelled from being a pressure item for the intellectual, by meeting an independent and fair mechanism.”

“We object each kinds of censorship, defend creativity and art based on freedom of speech.”

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