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August 2010


4. Turkey Theatre Meeting has managed to move the meetings to a different point with the help of previous experiences. Number of audiences of the plays staged in the city was being described with thousands while more than 200 people had attended with their tents to the meeting which had been organised with the support of Seferihisar Municipality.

Cagan Irmak, Erhan Gokgucu, Asli Ongoren, Asli Icozu and 24 more professional artists had taken place in the 4. Turkey Theatre Meeting.

The meeting that had hosted many important events was coming to the fore of Turkey and played role in changing the content of other festivals as well as influencing them. It was reaching an important point with a free debating environment that welcomes everyone whether they like each other or not, with the professionals, and the property that creates moments that brings artist candidates together to have some tea.

Everybody was there and the change was to begin.

An audience of more than 1000 people had watched a transsexual woman going beyond the ordinary in the 4. Turkey Theatre Meeting. Esmeray was going to describe her first meeting with the audience of meeting as “unforgettable”.

Cagan Irmak, who had watched the play “Isyan (Rebellion)” of Yenikapi Theatre in the 4. Turkey Theatre Meeting was going to say “the most energetic and Shakespearian play I had watched after a long time” after the play.

More than 150 actors/actresses and candidates had attended the workshops took place in the 4. Turkey Theatre Meeting.

Evaluation and criticism of the plays and workshops had been made every night in the camping field in the 4. Turkey Theatre Meeting. Night meetings that had been tense sometimes were efficient.

4. Turkey Theatre Meeting was continuing non-stop. Almost nobody was sleeping after the debates done at night but danced and sang till morning.

Artist that had attended the meeting were able to be guests on TV via an agreement made with a TV channel in the 4. Turkey Theatre Meeting. When the programme that Esmeray was to attend was cancelled due to her sexual identity, the meeting committee agreed on stopping the broadcast and protest the channel.

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