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August 2011


Turkey Theatre Meetings keep growing more and more each year. In the meetings where everybody talks about everything, even the people that do not talk to each other were debating. 5. Turkey Theatre Meeting became a meeting that published and opening notice for the first time and won a prize.

During the feast that took 4 days; acting, cinema, creative drama for teachers, body acting workshops were made. Topics such as ‘yesterday and today of children theatre’, ‘street, aesthetics and criticism’, ‘theatre is life, it is against sexism and violence’. ‘local administrations and their relations with theatre’, ‘theatre is life, seeking for its freedom’, ‘theatre and audience relations’, ‘theatre is life, on nature’s and humans’ side’, ‘theatre is life, on the side of peace and brotherhood’ had been talked upon during the bull sessions hosted about theatre.

The workshops were given by director Erhan Gokgucu, Mesut Kara, Zafer Gecegorur and Iraqi body actor Anas Abdul Samad. In the bull sessions made in Ulu Kosk, Semester Voiceman of Turkey Theatre Union and Director Orcun Masatci, cinema actor Turgay Tanulku, Nejat Birecik, Orhan Aydın, Actor and Playwrighter Mehmet Esatoğlu from Tiyatro Simurg, author-director Haluk Isik, director author Erhan Gokgucu, playwriter Tuncer Cucenoglu, Seckin Kaymaz from Nilufer Municipality, Mehmet Esatoğlu, actor Uğur Baran, Nazli Masatci, Ozlem Ozturk, Esmeray, Omer Sahinbas, Aydin Orak, Ahmet Tuncay Karacoglu and writer Temel Demirer have attended.

Bull sessions with poetry recitations were made by Hulya Deniz Unal, Aslihan Tuyoglu, Gultekin Emre, Halim Yazici, Namik Kuyumcu. Street theatres made during the whole meeting at Dikili shore were made by Dikili Belediye Tiyatrosu (Dikili Municipality Theatre), İzmir Yenikapı Tiyatrosu (Izmir Yenikapi Theatre), Mimar Sinan Üniversitesi Pandomim Topluluğu (Mimar Sinan University Pantomime Community).

Almost 200 actors and actor candidates had attended the workshops. Anas Abdul Al-Samad had given a workshop about “body acting”. His speech of “theatre under war” had taken place in Birgun Gazette full page.

Awards that had been given for the first time in the 5. Turkey Theatre Meeting had met their owners on the first night of the opening.

Award of Honour: Esmeray
Award of Effort: Erhan Gokgucu
Award of Peace: Iraqi artist Anas Abdul Al-Samad.

Opening Notice

Ferhan Sensoy

I am very sorry that I cannot attend Turkey Theatre Meeting of this year because of tours. I’d like to thank the Mayor of Dikili, Osman Ozguven, a good fellow and comrade of mine, who should be serving as a model for Turkey, and Yenikapi Theatre on behalf of Turkish Theatre.

Theatre has fallen from grace and started being considered as ‘outdated’ for type F internet youth. We are now face to face with generations that think what theatre is. We are not even face to face, though, their faces are stick to computer screens. In this case, theatre has to renew itself, break its shell, find new styles that brings new audience, and maybe jump into new places by getting rid of the style we call Italian stage. In Majik Sirkus where I worked during my studentship, my master Savary had banned the word ‘theatre’ in the company.

-We are not a theatre! We are a circus!

In the beginning of 70s when audience of French theatre facing a serious crisis was decreasing time by time, Majik Sirkus, who said that they were not a theatre, opened their curtains with 3000 audiences every night in Strasburg where the amount of theatre audience was the least.

New attitudes should be drawing the attention of the audience to theatre. If new attitudes are avant-garde plays that are imitations of western theatre, this is harmful to our theatre. Selling refrigerators to the Eskimos is risky and unfavourable.* Take your refrigerators to Paris or London and compete with western theatre. No drama or tragedy exists in our traditional theatre, light-comedy is a fun. If you look for audience, you shall express your concerns by letting them have fun and laugh in this country. Plus, humour is the best weapon. Bertlot Brecht says; “A theatre that does not make me laugh, I’d laugh away that theatre!”

I’d like to deliver my respects to people of Dikili on behalf of dear Osman Ozguven.

Opening Notice

Mujdat Gezen

I don’t think that the past of theatre starts with Dionysos. It starts with the first existence of human kind. Human has met art right after the instincts of fertility and being full/satiated. Built a door to its cave, met the architecture. Painted on the walls, met the art of painting. Worn the skins of the animals it had hunted and tried to make people laugh, met theatre. Shortly, humankind met art at the first day it appeared.

Theatre differs from other arts with containing all kinds of arts that we mention in its body. Theatre shall exists as humankind exists. As celebrating few millionth year of discovery of theatre, I wish success for your opening from heart, and deliver my love and respect to everyone that gives effort to theatre as actor, writer, director, worker or audience.

Opening Notice

Orcun Masatci

Izmir Yenikapi Theatre that hosts Turkey Theatre Meetings in towns of Izmir for the last 5 years has been on festivals, villages, towns and streets with a perspective saying that “people are getting more distant to art, so we should get closer to them”.

Hegemons, that try to create a world where the culture of challenge effects people deeply and everybody sees others as opponents, are separating us from each other, forming fake lives.

As the bricks of the conscious game being played with the perception of aesthetics are rising, what we must do is to break these bricks in stead of watching from a distance. Arts, cleansed from its culture, language, uniqueness shall if course be built by repeating and supporting what exists in stead of opposing.

Turkey Theatre Meetings are objections to those puppeteers that are trying get us lose our faces, make our mimics look similar to each others. They are signs that we are aware of the strings and shall no longer live in this condition. This country has honoured artists and they have the power that can end this masquerade by getting united.

In timeframes when we feel the need of democracy and peace the most, Osman Ozguven and people of Dikili that hosts the festival of democracy and peace had opened their doors to art producers this time in order to debate upon art, find the new and to object.

5. Turkey Theatre Meeting shall seek for the impossible with all its reality.

Our dreams are as big and scarier than the nightmares of those hegemons who cannot even imagine.

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